Get to know Fiqure
To learn and know is to change, to mind set is to dispose and evolve.
'Fiqure' rhymes with 'flickr' and is a timed, multiple-choice, visual I.Q. test that consists of 50 questions of progressive difficulty. Each question is presented in the form of a 3x3 matrix with 6 alternative answers. There are 5 distractors to each question, and one correct answer only. The fundamentals, patterns, rotation, and/or logic of each question correspond to multiple alternative graphical representations of equal complexity. During a test session, one of them gets chosen randomly to be displayed, so that two test sessions can seldomly be alike. Session duration is 30 minutes. Fiqure can be taken many times without invalidating the results, and it can measure up to 166 sd15.
Reality is perception and perception is reality.
Thoughts become things - Dreams become reality.

Actualized by Asplin IT Solutions (UK)
Art by Auree Veille (FR)
Our current pricing scheme is as follows:
1 session ~ 50 euros
3 sessions ~ 100 euros
10 sessions ~ 200 euros